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Since the cost of the money wire is going to be twice as much as the parts themselves, I thought I'd order a spare heater element while I'm at it (if for no other reason than to guarantee the old one never fails). In the parts list that Armin provided, it shows the 031508 below that you ordered (which is described as a 2KW 240V element), and also one with the part number 031505, (which is 3KW 220V).

Before I order it, was the 031508 the correct one when you received and installed it? Did they happen to say what the other one (the 031505) is for?

Many thanks,

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Thank you very much for the help.

I was able to contact them via email. They have the part I need which is the Heating Element for the Eumenia Mini 5500. It is part number 031 508 and it cost €62.40 plus freight.

The email I used to contact is: ersatzteile"at"


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Sorry it was a fault from me again.

The correct address is _not_ ersatzteil(dot)schabauer-service(dot)at

The correct address is:__ ersatzteile(at)schabauer-service(dot)at

Your can find all contact informations on: www(dot)schabauer-service(dot)at

Sorry for the faults, but I am doing this just beside my work and I am a
little bit short on time.


Am 02.04.2012 16:33, schrieb svsummerlove:

Hi Armin,

I tried sending an email to, but gmail
won't send it due to "incorrect address". If this IS the correct
address, I'll try using my Yahoo account instead.

I used to translate the following request into German:

"Guten Tag,

Entschuldigen Sie bitte mein Deutsch. Ich bin mit einem online
Übersetzer aus dem Englischen. Bitte antworten auf Englisch, wenn möglich.

Ich möchte teile für die Eumenia 5500 Mini Spülmaschine. Die folgenden
Teile sind noch vorhanden, und wie viel kosten sie?

A429040000 FührungsgehaÅNuse kpl .M 5005


A429008050 Deckelstütze kpl.kurz 103,5mm 5321601 - 5359999

vielmals Dank,

Steve Constantine

Segelschiff Summer Love"

Would you please confirm that it makes sense and doesn't contain any
inappropriate or offensive expressions?

Many thanks,

SM 340
Summer Love

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<>, "N4796P@" <n4796p@>

The e-mail address is: ersatzteil(dot)schabauer-service(dot)at


Am 02.04.2012 15:25, schrieb Judy and Bill aboard SV BeBe:


Yahoo strips the email address and what I received was this:

Can you tell me if the complete email address for parts is:

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<>, "N4796P@" <n4796p@>

I have now checked (by phone) the contact informations at
and have now new information about buying spare parts.

The right e-mail address is: ersatzteile@
Phone calls: +43 2236 8120 73, +43 2236 8120 76, +43 2236 8120 77

If the spare parts still exist, they will send the spare parts
want (after paying in advance).


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