Re: [Amel] Re: Small corked cavity on front of keel - is this for a forward facing sonar ?

Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Dear Bill and Attilio

Thank you for the quick responses. On the pictures on the link Bill sent,
this is exactly what I am describing, ie the lower beam position (24" below
forward facing on front of keel). I got the french manuals so will download
the english ones off the site and have a look.

Does anyone else out there have a forward facing sonar fitted to the lower
cavity shown on the keel and needed to get wires through to it?

Colin & Lauren Streeter
Island Pearl II SM2k # 332

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Check out this photo:

More photos at

I think that what you are describing could be the keel sonic speed sensor.

There is an Amel Option for Sonar, but since I do not have that option, I
cannot comment.

BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Cyprus

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Dear Colleagues

On slipping Island Pearl II today following our 11,779 n.mile trip I was
very surprised to see what appeared to be a corked off cavity on the
forward facing leading edge of the keel about 800mm from the bottom of the
keel. Having not noticed this when purchasing, I am wondering if this is a
standard feature of these boats and what it is for? Basically it looks like
the perfect position for a forward facing sonar scanner but I was not aware
of this seemingly purpose made cavity before.

Is this a standard feature on the Super Maramu 2000, or an option, and
if so what is it for? Also, most importantly, how does one access this from
inside for the purpose of running wires from inside?

Best regards

Colin & Lauren Streeter
Island Pearl II - SM2k # 332

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