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Had an Ebenspacher in a previous boat and if was all rust inside
after a few years. Guess they are not really designed for the marine
use more for use in trucks etc.
Heard good comments about the Wallas heaters from Finland, they seem
to be build for marine use (www.wallas.fi)
They have a 4KW diesel heater.
I would like to hear if anybody has experience with these ?


Dear Rob,

I would like to see your installation. Maybe you can post it to
the Amel
owners site so everyone can look at it.

Fair winds,



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Dear Eric,

Maybe, I didn't make it clear that we have a forced air heater
fitted from new.
In the absence of Super Maramu pics, I can let you have Santorin
ones. The
system was an Espar system. I can also give you a full
description of where
all the
components are sited on our boat. Just ask if you think this
would be

Amel Santorin
"Khamsin B"


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