Bowthruster oil - how to oil top up? - quick question

Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Dear friends

I noticed a small leak of gear oil from bowthruster prop today so removed prop and changed the rubber oil seal. Since all other seals were replaced 5 months ago before our recent trip, I decided not to replace those yet, hence did not need to drop the entire unit out.

My question is how (& where)to re-fill the bowthruster gear oil quickly without removing entire unit? I have looked at the information on the site but it does not tell one where to pour the new gear oil in. My assumption then is to simply pour 0.3 litres of the correct oil into the top of the shaft. Is this correct? Also can I do this somehow without removing the top motor and dropping the shaft?

Kind regards,

Colin Streeter

Island Pearl II - SM2k # 332

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