Re: Bowthruster oil - how to oil top up? - quick question

Craig Briggs

It sounds as though you are "on-the-hard" (unless you changed the prop and oil seal underwater), hence I'd recommend you simply drop the unit, turn it over to drain the old oil, refill and reinstall. Since you've just done that a few months ago, I should think you wouldn't have to "fight" any corrosion that would make removal difficult. Plus, since you've had an oil leak it's likely the old oil is contaminated with water and should be drained.

If, however, you're set on refilling with it in place, I suppose you could try to do so by removing just one of the bolts holding the support tube and insert a small tube through the bolt hole and introduce the oil that way. I've got an outboard motor lower unit gear oil hand pump with a long tube that could work, although I've not tried it myself. Inexpensive at any Chandlery. You'd probably want to remove a second bolt so you can see when the oil comes up to the top.

And, yes, the oil simply goes in adjacent to the drive shaft and fills up the supporting tube.

Let us know if this works and if it's easier than just dropping the unit.

Craig Briggs, SN#68 "SANGARIS" in Leros, GR

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.... My question is how (& where)to re-fill the bowthruster gear oil quickly without removing entire unit? I have looked at the information on the site but it does not tell one where to pour the new gear oil in. My assumption then is to simply pour 0.3 litres of the correct oil into the top of the shaft. Is this correct? Also can I do this somehow without removing the top motor and dropping the shaft?

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