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Gesendet: Sonntag, 21. März 2004 11:42
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Betreff: Besan- Traveller

Hi all,

As I am extremely concerned about security on my Amel, I never liked,
when by night or in bad weather, some one or my self had to leave the
cockpit, in order to change manually the position of the besantraveler.
So have I now modified my AMEL SM 2000 #407. The modification is
extremely easy, and so I believe worthwhile.
If anyone is interested, I can send e few pictures ( ZIP 800 KB ) to
show how it looks like.
The boat is now again in the water, after the bad accident with an
unmarked underwater foundation. The repairs been done in Lago di Sibari,
in a very professional and extremely cost reasonable manner.
If interested about the pictures, mail to r.zurkirchen@vtx.ch

Rudy und Rita

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