Re: [Amel] Mastervolt Mass Combi 24/4000/120 (4000w inverter / 120amp x 24 volt charger)

Be careful most of the batteries are NOT able to accept stash a current !
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Le 05/05/2012 15:41, islandpearl2_sm2k332 a écrit :

Dear All

Our 2001 Super Maramu 2000 has the 30amp and 50amp Dolphin charger
combination and only 400w inverter included with minimal battery
monitoring equipment.

During this year's 11,770 n.mile Atlantic and Pacific crossing trip we
found it necessary to run the generator for about 2-3 hrs per day to
drive the auto-pilot and other power needs. With just 50 amps max
charging capability, and the generator able to push out 7KVA, I feel
this is an inefficient system since the 7KVA could easily drive a
120amp x 24 volt charger so as to halve the time we would need to run
the generator.

On our last two boats (both 12 volts - not 24v) we have had the
Mastervolt Mass Combi 12v/2000w inverter/100amp charger systems
installed and found these to be absolutely excellent. We find the
larger inverter capacity really useful to be able to watch TV, run
things like bread makers etc without having to switch on the
generator. Naturally this requires large battery capacity but I am a
fan of running both large solar banks and also twin wind generators to
get as much energy as possible from mother nature.

Based on this I have been thinking about installing the Mastervolt
24v/4000w inverter/120amp charger system on Island Pearl II as well as
looking at increasing the battery amp hrs capacity on the boat.

Many of you with later model Amels would have the 100amp Dophin
chargers and therefore probably have no need for the extra charging
capacity, but I would be interested to hear any views and
experiences(positive and negative)from the group about installing the
24/4000/120 Mastervolt Mass Combi systems in an Amel and if you feel
there are now better products than these on the market? Also how your
battery capacity may have been sucessfully increased in the space

Kind regards

Colin Streeter
Island Pearl II - SM2k #332

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