[Amel] Re: Bowthruster oil - how to oil top up? - quick question

Craig Briggs

Glad you got it fixed, Colin. I would posit that your leak was due to the seal being slightly cocked and by pressing it all the way in you've squared it off and the outer edge is now making full contact with the housing.
By the way, a great "tool" to have for properly seating the lip seals (especially on the main propellor "C" drive), is simply a short length of PVC pipe with the same diameter as the seals that you can tap on with a hammer.
Best - Craig Briggs, SANGARIS SN#68

--- In amelyachtowners@..., Colin Streeter <colin.d.streeter@...> wrote:


With the seal pushed in furher now not even a hint of oil moisture coming
through after 2.5 hrs with only the correct SAE90 gear oil in.

What we did is carefully but pretty firmly pressed the new seal in (with
the flat edge of a file) so that it has gone about 3mm beyond level with
the outer edge. In this position it cannot go any further in and it now has
a perfect seal.
Will leave it for the next 9 hours and test again in the mrning before
mounting it back in the boat.

Colin Streeter
Island Pearl II - SM2k #332

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