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In defence of Eberspacher ( Espar), I fitted one to a 35 footer in 1983 and know that it was still working 10 years later. One fitted to my new Sharki worked till I sold it 5 years later. The one on my second hand Maramu ( which had spent its first 5 years in Majorca where the humidity in winter months has to be experienced to be believed) worked happily when I bought the boat and for the next 7 years of my ownership. My present one , coming up to 4 years old and used daily now we are in S Chile, has proved itself, though it is much noisier than those on the Sharki and Maramu.
It is important to use the heater from time to time,not something you think of in the Tropics!Also useful to carry a spare gloplug since these can be affected by carbon.Espar does seem to have good international coverage and I believe are extensively used in buses.
Its good that its working since the heating elements of my saloon and aft cabin 220v heaters have both just packed up within 5 weeks of each other. An enquiry to M Selo brought the information that when using these as heaters you should always use medium or fast fan. Using low fan means that insufficient air passes over the heating element and it burns out.I am waiting to find out if I can replace the heating elements locally or whether I have to order them from Italy.
A domestic 220v fan heater is also a boon. We have a 3 kw one on board, and if you close off the forward cabin and drop the curtain to the aft corridor you are soon back in shorts and T shirt in the saloon.Ian and Judy Jenkins, Pen Azen, SM 302, Chile

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