Re: [Amel] Re: Late Maramu or early Santorin?

Amel Salvagny

I own a 1993 Santorin and clearly prefer the newer layout to the Maramus I
have seen. Also the rig is slightly taller and - as it is said - a Santorin
has e more optimal weigh distribution and will typically sail around
knots faster compared to the Maramu.

I also think that you will prefer the more "open" cockpit with the
fold-off protection which allows you to see the sails from the steering
position and gives you a easier view in thight spaces...

best regards,
Yacht Salvagny
Den 12/05/2012 14.40 skrev "sv Sangaris" <>:


We picked the Santorin back in 1999, but since both are now 20-25 years
old, the Santorin being newer may be less of a factor, although the
Santorin has the "modern" hull design and the "C" drive. IMO the Santorin
is easier to move about in the cockpit and perhaps more "airy" down below.
Beyond that, of course, would be how each surveys and then it may simply be
like choosing between chocolate and vanilla - both are good.
Good luck with it,
Craig Briggs SN#68 SANGARIS

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Considering both have in-mast furling & bow thruster, I would like some
opinions on choosing an 1988/89 Maramu or a 1990/1991 Santorin which are
closed in price.

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