Re: Aft Climma unit trips fuse even when switch turned off at the unit

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Two things:

Do you know if yo have a ground fault or a short? You said "It immediately trips the shore fuse and/or the boats main AC fuse (in compartment behind the panel)." If it is not tripping the breaker for "Clim Ar," I would assume that you are looking for a ground fault. If I had this problem, I would try to figure out a systematic routine to find the problem. First thing I would do is disconnect all power leads at the A/C unit. If the same breakers trip with the unit disconnected, your unit is fine and there is a wiring problem between it and the breaker panel.

However, those fan capacitors will need to be replaced because they control the fan speed. As they get weak, the fan will probably will not notice it, but there is a thermo-switch on the heating coil unit that will notice the decreased air flow and cut the heaters off...first chance you get, you need to replace them. Two of the capacitors are are 2&#956;F and the one marked C1 is 3.15&#956;F. I have hull 387 and recently replaced all of the fan capacitors on the 3 a/c 9 capacitors. They are not easy to find unless you want to pay 10 times the price by buying them from a Climma dealer. I bought mine at an electronics supply store which had to special order them for me. Remove one and take it with you.

Hope this helps.

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We are on a SM2k. I have my aft Climma unit turned off on its control panel (rocker switch in neutral between Cold/Heat). Then I turn the power on the boats AC panel ("Clim Ar"). It immediately trips the shore fuse and/or the boats main AC fuse (in compartment behind the panel). All the other Climma units work fine (when actually testing, all other AC power load is off.

I checked the capacitors and they are mostly fine (though the fan capacitors are 50% off from their rated values). However, I get the sense there may be a short somewhere else causing the problem... anyone else had this happen?

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