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Jose Venegas

Craig, as you predicted, and in spite of having alerted the yard, they send a standard metric turnbuckle for the headstay that does not fit. Where did you get the smaller turnbucke and how much did you pay for it.

I am preparing my boat for a transatlantic crossing scheduled for June 15 and my boat is still on the ground!

Any connections will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Jose,

At least on my SN (and SM's I've seen up close), yes the ACMO provided original rigging used metric cables and "standard" (inch - based) turnbuckles. Further, the turnbuckles are "Inverse", meaning there's a left handed thread on top, whereas US hardware is the opposite. I've never figured out if there's an engineering reason for that, but doubt it (maybe Cap'n Henri was left handed :-).

I think I made some earlier posts on the subject, but if you contact ACMO (Acastillage Modern)they can likely send you the complete specifications and a quote on the rigging. I saved about 1000 Euros by not using the "Inverse" turnbuckles - all else was per original ACMO spec. All up it was $6,550, including shipping to Italy from France. Katherine and I installed it ourselves in a week.

By the way, ACMO had etched the exact length of the finished stays on the lower eyebolts of my original ones - they've stopped doing that now and put the date of manufacture, but it's worth a look - it's very tiny hand etched numbers like 15885, which is my backstay length in mm.

The only "tricky" piece is the headstay turnbuckle which is "Special Dimension" as it's shorter than normal to fit under the furler (at least on the SN and, I belive on the SM.)

Craig Briggs
SN #68 "SANGARIS", in Leros Greece whilst we're in sunny Florida

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