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Mike Ondra

Eric et al,

I am in the process of servicing/regreasing our outhaul gear box after 3
years since the last service (by taking it apart) and, to my relief, I found
the gears and grease in good condition and a tiny bit of water inside. With
the furler and outhaul gear boxes as tightly sealed as they are to keep out
water, do you think there will be enough air/grease relief to allow the
introduction of new grease through the grease port? Any chance of damaging a
seal from the pressure of pumping in grease if there is no pressure relief?


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I have never taken it apart. iT works fine. I am just going to add a couple
of grease ports to it.

Fair Winds


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HI Eric:

In your post you refer to a scanned diagram with part numbers. Is this
posted on this site somewhere? If not, when you have a chance could you post

Have you serviced your jib furler? My boat is now 11 years old and having
spent most of its life in the Caribbean and the fact that the jib furler
seems to really get a work out, I am considering doing "preventive

All the best,

Gary Silver
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The furler is rather simple.
The extension of the foil has a gear attached to it part number 8 in the
scan. That gear is attached to a worm gear that rotates the gear. Being
the motor in the pdf file is dc it rotates in either direction of the

This is from amel years ago
"To be able to take the jib furler apart, you need to loosen the 2 mizzen
backstays, the main mast backstay, the 2 main mast main shrouds, and last
the forestay.

Once the forestay turnbuckle is completely detached, the jib furler can be
removed from the forestay. Of course you will have to split the furler
its tube. They are connected with aluminium rivets or with screws.

The notched wheel (258.00 Euros ex Vat), the worm screw (361.00 Euros ex
Vat), the set of 5 bearings (258.00 Euros) and the set of 3 seals (81.00
Euros) are available.

We usually replace the bearings and the seals as well as the notched wheel
but we almost never replace the worm screw which is a stronger part."

Attached are photos of the most commonly replaced parts.
Fair Winds
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