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Is there a reason you want Raymarine versus other manufacturers? Raymarine is quite popular but I am not convinced that they are the best AP.

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Hello, it looks like our auto pilot is now 'tired' after 20 years in service, in 20kts winds and 1 mtr waves it works 100%, but in flat sea and 0 wind it can't keep course for a minute (the alarm will only start about 2mins after loosing course when the boat is already 90-180deg off course), sometimes when sitting on the helm and observing the loosing of course at early stage, assisting by slight manual pressure on the helm will take it back to action.
a. have anyone experienced the same?
b. assume we will have to replace the unit (as some told us already) - what new ray marine unit will be most suitable for Santorin?

Best regads

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