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I am also a new Mango owner, # 63 of 1987. I would be interested in any info about the bow-thruster as I believe this to be a somewhat "weak point" or at least a high-maintenance issue.
Did you exchange to a tunnel-type thruster?

Also, I think the steering is a little heavy on the wheel, has anyone experienced problems with cables beeing worn out? My first investegation indicates that both the wheel and the rudder itself seems OK.

Thanks, Bent

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Hi All,

as faily new owner of ARGO IV a Mango #18 from 1981 we experienced somthething which I would like to share with you. When servicing our bowthruster this winter I noticed that the holes in the PVC pipe (housing the motor shaft) were slighly bigger than the srews on the bottom end of the motor which fixes the unit to the motor. I should have been warned but thought it would be OK. But it was not. Each time I used the bowthruster the motor was now able to move to the left or right thus making the holes even bigger. The result was that one day ankering in a lovely bay on Kalymnos Greece we lost the whole unit. It droppped into the sea. The top part of these pipe must also have been fatique due to age. Fortunately we were on board and and heard the water coming in and could plug the 6cm hole with a strong plastic glass.
My question: Has anybody ever installed a different type of bowthruster (i.e tunnelthruster) and if so, what experience did you have?

best regards and fair winds
Jurgen ARGO IV Mango #18

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