Re: Euros keel corrosion - help!

achimschro <Achimschro@...>

Hi Geza,

if the keel is the same as on my Kirk # 81 from 1972 I think it is a
minor problem.

My advice is to open the crack immediately to learn more about the
scope of the problem. Because it is just on one side of the keel it
might be that only the coating is cracked. In any case open the
joint, let it dry and check all around the keel very carefully. You
can test the other areas by using a small hammer and listen to the

When you have opened the joint remove more coating than just the
visible crack. When you are sure that there is solid coating you can
stop. If it is the joint between the hull and the ballast widen up
the joint so that you can later fill it with a flexible marine
sealant ( SIKA or PANTERA ). Then the problem should be fixed.

I am right now in the process of a major overhaul of a Kirk where the
coating on the ballast is also cracked but this is due to a lack in
maintenance and not to movements of the keel.

Good luck and greetings from Hamburg.



P.S. Didn't you remove the ceiling cover some time ago. Any hints to
make it a smaller mess ?
--- In, Szabó Géza <rotorman@r...>
Dear Euros and other Amel owners,

today I removed my boat from the water and I was
shocked. There is corrosion on the keel. Only on
the left side, approx 30 cm long crack can be
seen. I figured out that the crack is just
where the ballast joins the keel.
Water is still slowly coming out from
the crack. The whole are, where the ballast
hase small corrosion traces.
The other side looks perfect.

I uploaded a picture to my website:
(size: 62 kbyte)

Any suggestions, how to repair this?


Geza Szabo

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