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Hi kent,
I'm buying a supermaramu red line here in italy and with my family (daughter 3yrs old) i will cross atlantic in december then we're planning to sail up to puerto rico to arrive in florida in may/june.
Could you give me any suggestions about, route, period and any other?
Further....have anyone experience in using parasailor with an amel?
Thanks and fair winds

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Bon jour, Jean Paul.

Welcome and congratulations on your new Maramu. I have a SuperMaramu, but I suspect the boats are very similar in passage-making speeds. I have always averaged about 6 knots on passages, but then it seems like I'm always hard on the wind. I just completed a 1200nm trip from Puerto Rico to the US with the 12-18kt winds on the beam and the seas abaft...we averaged 7.7 kts and made it in 6 1/2 days. At times we were surfing at 11+kts. and on three of the days we did 200nm in 24 hrs. If you are hard on the wind and banging into heavy seas you will probably not want to go any faster than about 5 kts as it gets very uncomfortable. In a stiff breeze I can sail at about 50 degrees off the apparent wind, but that translates into about 110degrees on the compass and even less vmg on the chart. If you're going upwind it will take you 2-3 times as long as if you are sailing the rhumb line.

Hope this helps, I'm sure that other Maramu owners will correct me if there's a significant difference.

Best of luck and enjoy your new boat!
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Subject: [Amel] from Monastir (Tunesia) to Corfu Greec

Hi all
I am en new Maramu owner (Maramu 203) but I have never sailed on an Amel. This summer I'll sail from Tunisia to Malt, Syracuse and Corfu.
The first trajectory is about 195NM. I know it depends of the weather conditions (that should normally be favourable in these season) but in theory what statistic speed do you expect on normal conditions when you plan a travel like this?
Thanks for your advices
best regards

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