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This is all great info from Mango owners, I will have a look for grease points on my cables. They are quite large Morse
type cables, I don't now how old they are. Looks like a big job to change them.

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Same setup on my Euros. I added a 2nd grease point from inside. Easy.

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On my Mango there are twomgrease points, but the upper is facing intomthe
hull, and is not accesable. I am thinking about drilling a small hole from
the cockpit to be able to grease this one.

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The new steering cables were greased with Superlube (a non drying,
synthetic grease) in 2005, since then, I have injected a few ounces of
CorosionX (a thin film high pressure lubricant) from the ends at the
helm. To access the cable entries, my mechanic had to take out the
panel with the motor controls & gauges,  unscrew part of the  mechanical
system in which the cables are set and use a large sringe. This was done 4
years ago. While I have not noticed any oil appearing at the other end of
the cables (at the rudder post, under the bed) I presume that the oil
injected at 6 feet higher must be flowing in that direction and I suspect
that the grease inside the cables at the rudder end may also be sealing any
oil seepage.
In addition, every few years I add grease (Superlube) to the helm
connection mechanism thru a grease nipple affixed to the side of the
system. I do not know if this nipple has been installed by Amel or a
previous owner? What is strange is that there is only one nipple and it
only lubricates the steering mecanism connected to the top cable! For the
bottom, grease was added with a screwdriver when attempting to inject oil
in the bottom cable!
In 2005, I also changed the chain connecting the helm to the Neco
autopilot (it is only maintained as a backup, but it proved useful when,
between Gibraltar and Grand Canaria, the Autohelm ceased to work). Probably
I could have kept the original chain and just wash it with a degreaser, but
I easily found a replacement in a bicycle shop while docked in the Old Port
of Marseille.


V/ Opera, Mango #51

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How do you go about greasing them.
Conn Williamson
SV  Jasmyn Mango #28

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Subject: [Amel] rudder cables

After 20 years of service the rudder cables had to be replaced on my
Mango (#51), regretably one of the cables (Morse Type) broke just a day
before entering the Med after a pleasant Atlantic crossing, and the
emergency tiller had to be rigged and was used for a few days...

These cables must be greased, once in a while... and as an added
security, before crossing the Atlantic from the Med, I installed a
Autohelm electric pilot directly connected to one of the "tiller" arms
connected to the controling cables, so that in the event of problems at
the the helm, the autopilot could be used to steer.

Serge V/OperaÂ

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