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can you be a little more specific re your comment on the balooner.
I have a mizzen and a larger balooner for the forestay. Do you have 2 balooners for the forestay foil, or are you suggesting you join the mizzen and main balooner ?

Would you need an additional attachment point at the top of the main fwd of the attachment point for the forestay foil. . Where would you attach on the deck, again it would have to be fwd of the foil ?

Also the cleats on the deck roof fwd of the main traveller can be used to tie blocks to with a spectra sling. The sheets for a storm sail or smaller genoa can then be directed along the outside of the deckhouse to the winches.

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Bringing the sheet inboard on a masthead rig like ours is not going to hurt the performance of the main. You may get a bit of a bubble but the boat will still be sailing higher and faster. Joel brings up an excellent point about the keel being a limiting factor. You definitely don't confuse the Amel with a Farr 40.

One of the issues with the smaller headsail is what do you do for downwind if you're using the twin poles. Obviously performance would suffer a bit with the smaller genoa. The best answer in my opinion is to join the balooners together with a common luff and fly them from a foil-less furler.

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Thanks, Joel,
I'm guessing that leading the clew inboard allows you to ease the sheet a bit for better sail shape?  I've not ever seen a barber hauler in action. Where would you attach it inboard?  Wouldn't it just backwind the main more?  Not much help on my internet search of "barber hauler".
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You guys ought to change the subject line when you change the subject…

Lots of experimentation has shown that, after a point, the limiting factor in squeezing up to weather is the keel. That big fat beautiful keel that contains all the fresh water and the bilge sump (and is much stronger in a grounding than more performance oriented “skinny� keels that intersect the boats bottom at 90 degrees) is not very efficient and stalls quite quickly when pinching to weather. The 110% Caribbean Blaster blade jib from Super Sailmakers and similar sails like the good one Dave’s company makes really help as they provide better lift without pushing the bow down with too much raw power. The high clew is easier to see under as you steer while listening to your crew scream bloody murder from the increased angle of heel and ‘boom-splash’ as you bang your way to your destination. You can use barber-haulers to bring the sheet lead inboard and this will discourage one from mounting permanent hardware as the cost/complexity/leak
potential is frankly not worth it.

By contrast, the new AMEL 55 has a much more performance oriented keel with a thinner genuine lifting foil section and more of a bulb than the wings we are used to. It has no room to carry the fresh water as before but the boat points higher and foots much better. You can feel the stall approach, like on a Lazer dinghy, and play the stall sweetly with the much more efficient rudder that is mounted much further aft than ever before. The difference was startling to me after having sailed every AMEL big boat from the Meltem to the Mango, Super Maramu, and the 54. Much better performance on every point of sail but I’ll also miss that water tank…

The young guys at AMEL are starting to refer to me as ‘The Geezer’ for my reverence with what came before.

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