Batteries: Factors that influence life

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Sorry for the delay in responding to the earlier posts about
bateries, but I was not near my computer.
After 21 years of Amel ownership, all of it with Delco (Delphi)
sealed batteries, I have learned the following:
If you spend a lot of time in marinas, connected to shore power, the
batteries will last a long time (my first set on my SM lasted 5.5
years in the Med, hooked up to shore power about 40% of nights. On
my Maramu, sailed mostly in New England with a home dock, the
batteries lasted 10 years!)
If you anchor out most of the time, and depend on the genset to
charge the batteries, the batteries will not last as long. I have
heard of life spans from 8 months to 3 years, but not more. I
believe the difference has to do with the "Topping off" of the
batteries by long time on shore power.
I agree that Dephi sealed batteries are not "top of the line", but
they are not bad, and they ARE maintenance free.
Has anyone had good experience with other brands (over 3 years?)
Regards to all,
Roy Benveniste
SM #195 "Excalibur"

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