Bowthruster Problem

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Dear All,

I wish to express my concern of what happened to me during the week-

We arrived in the port of Hydra 11.30 in the night and the wind has
increased to 35 Knots in the harbor and we had to moor the boat. The
wind was comming from the side and we had to change two times the
place in a very tight port with other 50 boats arriving as a yacht
race was finishing there so you can imagine what was going on. The
bottom had a poor holding and all the anchors were dragging . It was
a nightmare. I tried to hold the boat in place with the bowthruster
and after a while fumes and a bad smell were comming out from the
bowthruster who also started not to keep the boat in position any
more. Ofcource I stopped immediatelly the operation checked if we
had a fire problem which we didn't had and we left the harbor 2.30
in the morning sailing to the harbor of Poros which is 15 miles away
in the night with a gale of 45 Knots wind. We arrived safely and I
used the bowthruster very litle just to check if it was working and
it worked ok although it was still hot. The same happened also in
Kalamaki where we arrived the next day but the noise sounded to me a
little strange and the thruster was cooled down completely.

My questions are:

Why has not the fuse cutted the elecricity power to the thruster
and I had the problem?
Is the thruster damaged from the over temperature ?
What I have to do to repair it?
I have to change the oil?
I have to check something in the electrical motor?
Is the insurance covering such a damage if any?

I am waiting some response

Best Regards

Dimitris Krassopoulos
Alma Libre

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