Re: [Amel] Problem with prop shaft seal letting water into SM390

Certainly your problem isn't the seals,
One reasons can be a bad sealing of the C drive,
If the boat is on the hard, It is easy to check _if the under water
gearbox is waterproof_ : leakage oil is bright in the fist hour after
putting the boat out of the sea.
Jluc on CottonBay

is Le 01/06/2012 18:08, drew_gaffney a écrit :

Twice in the past 30mo, I have replaced the prop shaft wear-out
bearing and seals, carefully following the posted instructions, (2 in,
1 out, proper spacing, filling with marine grease, etc. but have had
sea water ingress; the oil in the resevoir becomes progressively
whiter (milky) at about 200 hrs. For both servicings, I've worked with
experienced fellow cruisers to be sure the published procedures were
Before leaving Pankkor in December, I drained the contaminated oil,
sucked out the small residual oil after draining for hours, flushed
with fresh oil, and refilled. There's no sign of leak while the boat
is on the hard.

The oil level in the resevoir has never dropped; if anything, the
level increases slightly with seawater ingress. Before replacing yet
another bearing and set of seals, I am hoping that someone might have
some explanation and suggested remedial action for this problem.
Drew Gaffney
Revelation SM390

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