A Relay From Australia

Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Rob has asked that I post this as he can't get into the site directly. Can anybody shed an information on an Amel for sale in

Ian, hi

This is the Rob and Glen team from Australia, again asking your assistance !!!

We can't - for whatever reason - manage to get onto the Amel network - and we're not even stupid!

Our pursuit of the Amel in Turkey is fraught! And we may withdraw from negotiations - very difficult to make things happen from such distances, given the need for repairs - upgrades etc.

However, I believe there is a Super Maramu - 1994 - in Mooloolaba northern Queensland for sale - does any other Amel owner have any clues about this boat - who she belongs to? or anything which assist us in locating her?

We'd be delighted for any help - and in anticipation thank you.

Rob and Glen

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