Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bowthruster Problem

Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Hi Dimitris,

it sounds like you have overcooked the bow thruster through prolonged use.
If you have the 10 HP motor, it will draw around 160 amps, and with no
forced cooling in a confined space, it will get very hot after a few minutes
operation. It is not designed for other than short bursts of operation.

The smoke will have come from the insulative lacquer on the motor windings.
It may be OK after a cool down period, but it's now possible that the
insulation will break down sometime sooner, rather than later. From what you
say, smoke comes from the motor as soon as you use it now, even when cold?
Is this correct? If so, you may need to get the motor rewound by a motor
repair company. I would check the current on the Link 10 when the bow
thruster is operated. If it's much more than 160 amps, you probably have
damaged the windings on the motor.

The oil should not be affected, but if I were you, I would drop the bow
thruster tube down a few inches and check to see if the shaft turns freely.
It may just be that you have a mechanical problem which is loading the motor
more than normal. Whilst you are doing this, check for wear around the 4
bolt holes and make sure that the countersunk screw that holds the brass
ring inside the tube is secure. What is the hull number of your boat? The
design has changed recently.

I would doubt that your insurance company would pay for a repair, but I
maybe wrong. If you say that you had to over use the thruster to save the
boat, they may be sympathetic! Good luck.

Ian Shepherd

SM 414 Crusader

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