Re: propellor shaft alternator


Richard,<br>You are lucky, because you seem to
have the right alternator! Was this alternator on your
boat when you bought it? Or, did you replace a Valeo
with a Motorola? Do you know the RPM minimum
requirements or any special features?<br><br> Alternators are
not rocket science, so I know they can be repaired.
My problem is that I have a replacement 75 amp
alternator which works I test it with the engine running,
but under sail, I do not get any output. I believe I
need a 25 amp alternator.<br><br>I have learned about
the need for output at low RPMs (about 680), which
makes sense. Now, I am trying to find a US source of an
alternator with the correct specifications.<br><br>Any other
thoughts would be appreciated.<br><br>Merci. David s/v
Have Fun!

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