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Kent Robertson

Thanx Bill. Yes, for 1999 SM #243. Do you know who makes the fixture for the deck lights? One of the little ears that holds the bulb in place has broken off.
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If you are asking about a Super Maramu...

Navigation and Anchor Bulbs:
Special vertical tungsten filament with BAY 15d bayonet socket:
Masthead (Steaming Light) - 25 watt
Port, Starboard - 25 watt
Stern 10 watt
Anchor - 10 watt

50W GE #4505 for main mast deck light spot type light
50W GE #4593 for mizzen deck light fluted, diffused light

Dr. LED (direct or from WestMarine) makes LED AquaSignal replacements:
Anchor LED Replaces Aqua Signal #90003 (24V) or Hella #78291 (24V)
TriColor LED Replaces Aqua Signal #90003 (24V) for tri-color

This ought to do you...

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Hi everyone,
I've searched the site and can't find any definitive answer to this old ? from Eric. On KRISTY, SM243, the steaming light is AquaSignal, but the burned-out bulb doesn't have any markings indicating wattage. I'd like to replace the bulb with led. Does anyone know the wattage? Has anyone replaced this (and the bow nav lites) with led's?

Just below the steaming light is mounted a separate fixture for the deck flood. The bulb is the oft-cited 24V 50A Par36 bulb. Does anyone know who makes this flood fixture? Has anyone replaced this bulb with an led?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Does anyone know the manufacturer of the foredeck light mounted just below
the steaming light?

Fair Winds


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