Re: [Amel] Lofrans Tigres 1200w Windlass

Anne and John Hollamby <annejohnholl@...>

Hello there,
I hesitate to suggest that it could be that the brushes are worn and the carbon dust is conducting power away and I am sure that you will have already checked the voltage available under load to ensure that the connections have not deteriorated en route from the batteries.

Best wishes, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM2K, Malta

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Subject: Re: [Amel] Lofrans Tigres 1200w Windlass

did you check the keyway on the chain gypsy?
Fair winds
sm 376 Kimberlite

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From: Judy and Bill aboard SV BeBe
Date: Tuesday, June 5, 2012 12:06 pm
Subject: [Amel] Lofrans Tigres 1200w Windlass

Call me crazy, but it seems like the Lofrans Tigres 1200w
Windlass is losing power.

I replaced the house and starter batteries less than a year ago,
and when the old batteries were weak, I did not notice a lack of
Has anyone experienced this and do you have clues or advice?

BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Fethyie, Turkey

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