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Hi Kent, I have replaced the down light with led. What I used was a motor vehicle flood light available at auto electrical shops. It is a round unit but had a protruberance to attach to a bracket. I cut that off with a hacksaw and then the unit fitted neatly into the housing on the mast. I secured it in there by passing a heavy cable tie through a hole on either side of the housing and across the face of the light. Neat and simple and secure and they work well. I did the same for the mizzen down light. When fitting led lights remember that they are polarity sensitive, that is you need to run the electrical current through the correct way or they don't work. Does no harm to them, if it doesn't go just swap the wires.
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Hi everyone,
I've searched the site and can't find any definitive answer to this old ? from Eric. On KRISTY, SM243, the steaming light is AquaSignal, but the burned-out bulb doesn't have any markings indicating wattage. I'd like to replace the bulb with led. Does anyone know the wattage? Has anyone replaced this (and the bow nav lites) with led's?

Just below the steaming light is mounted a separate fixture for the deck flood. The bulb is the oft-cited 24V 50A Par36 bulb. Does anyone know who makes this flood fixture? Has anyone replaced this bulb with an led?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Does anyone know the manufacturer of the foredeck light mounted just below
the steaming light?

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