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Hi Conn and Kirsty,

Sounds like you bought your boat from the right guy. That's a great install. I agree it wouldn't be hard to duplicate but definitely some work. Where are you located? Weather here is improving after the unseasonal Monday rain.

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Hi there Dave, the sump wasn't an off the shelf afair, Greg cut the sump out under the wooden slats and
fiberglassed the sump in, there is only a float switch in there. He then fitted the pump behind the head inside a new pannel, I think
he also fitted, behind the head with access hatches as the holding tank diverter valve and deckwash pump
is also in there. The wooden slats still fit the same on top so it is the same size as original. The suction hose runs under the floor
and head to the pump. He is a boat builder and so has all the gear required at has disposal, but it still would'nt be hard to install,
I'm tempted to do the same with the aft shower as we never use it because of the drainage system.
Hope the weather is warming up for you as it is doing the opposite here.
Conn & Kirsty

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