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Re-check the instalation manual about the hose size. The outlet from the engine is 3" but you may also go larger. I have a 75 HP Yanmar recently fitted in a non Amel boat by the local Yanmar agent. He insisted on stepping up to 4" from the water trap outlet, although I thought 3.5" would have been fine. We used 3" hose for the very short distance between the engine and the watertrap. He used a Vetus MG type (the bin shaped vertical rotatable one). The engines are apparently sensitive to back pressure and the hose diameter required depends upon the length of the exhaust and how many bends it has.


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Dave and Eric, Thanks for all the info, I now have a new 75hp bolted in my Maramu and was wondering which muffler you used. Was it a Vetus? Which model? Yanmar specs 3" hose and muffler so needs replacement.
Also...what prop changes were done to take advantage of the extra HP? Eric did you get a chance to check the prop size?
Any other tips will be appreciated.
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Dave I will have to check my records next time I am at the boat and let you
know. I think it is a 19" diameter by 17" pitch, but I requested a prop with the
greatest blade area I could get. I found that when I was pushing into the
weather with the original Amel supplied prop, that my speed was going down, but
my RPM was staying the same, so it was not a power issue, but the prop slipping.
I should be by the boat this week. Eric 

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Which prop are you running?

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Maramus require 28 hp to cruise at 6.5 knots calm seas and 59 hp to hit max
speed. The engines are the same except for the turbo basically. My yanmar dealer
who is a nationally recognized repower whiz recomended the 75 hp not just for
the extra power, but he said the turbo version would provide increased economy
and no extra maintenance if you just follow yanmars guidelines. I did all the
work myself and can give you some tips if you do the same. Using the old trans
makes the job pretty simple, almost like reinstalling the old motor. It is
pretty straightforward.

I like the extra power going against weather. I also run the most powerful
fixed prop, as it does no good to have extra power if you can't apply it.
Performance is much better all around in all areas. You will be very happy.

Eric Maramu 105

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