I'm not sure if anyone is using Kiwiprop but they look like a pretty well thought out feathering prop. They use easily replaceable composite blades. I was intrigued by their new 4 blade unit. On other boats I've had Max-Prop but quite frankly Max-Prop is cost prohibitive. I like the fact Kiwiprop sells direct to the end user as it removes all the mark-ups inherent in conventional marine distribution.

I asked about a prop for our 75hp Yanmar and received the response I've pasted in below. The rep mentioned the possibility of a discount for a group order. Anyhow, here's the info:

I have that engine rated at either 74 or 75hp with the turbo. I have you specing nicely onto a 19.5X22 K4 powercurve with that setup. The pitch is adjustable on the Kiwiprop. After you install the prop you take the boat out for a sea trial. At full throttle, you should be able to get to 3800rpm and no further. If it exceeds 3800 or is significantly lower (i.e. 3500), then you adjust the pitch accordingly. This is generally a one time adjustment, and if I get it right from the factory you won't have to touch it. A very minor tweak on the pitch screws is all that might be required and it can absolutely be done underwater. It does not have to be done immediately, just whenever the water is warm, or if you happen to be hauling. While the underwater route is a bit more challenging, it does have the advantage of you can test your adjustments almost right away. The objective is to make sure your engine is properly loaded over the long haul.

The props are $2850US including express post to your door. All we need is a visa/mc, name on the card and expiry, shipping address and phone number and they typically show up in 1-2 weeks. They are simple to install- hard part is usually getting the old prop off and require only periodic greasing as maintenance.


You can certainly feel free to post any of this thread on the Amel group forum. We previously maxed out at about 60hp so I'm just getting to know some of the larger boats, models, transmissions, engines etc.

I've had KiwiProps on my 42' Simpson Cat for about 11 years now and have done about 12000-15000 delivery miles on boats equipped with KiwiProps so I've got a good base of experience with the props.

KiwiProps has had a direct to customer model via the internet since day one. We had a couple of early dealers on the West Coast that we grandfathered, but we've sold thousands of propellers via word of mouth and the internet since the beginning, and the owner (who is a very conservative, quite brilliant Kiwi Engineer/Inventor) has stuck to this model. One price, and express shipping out of New Zealand all over the world.

Long story short, we don't have a dealer program, but I'd be happy to co-ordinate a bulk purchase for Amel owners if you wanted to put the word out.

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