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The switches and covers are made by Vetus DenOunden

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Three things:
It is possible that a shop that rebuilds starter motors can rebuild your

BeBe, #387 has a 1200 Lofrans Tigres.

The most common place for water to get into the motor area of your windlass
is through cracked UP/Down push button switch covers. You may want to
inspect them closely for cracks. The push button switch & covers are
available from Amel and I found them in a shop in NZ.

Hope this helps you and good luck.

BeBe, SM2k, #387
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The motor on our windlass appears to be shot. It is getting 24V but not
turning over and appears badly corroded, as though water has been sneaking

The distributor in Australia has a replacement from Lofrans in stock. It
is labelled as 1500W whereas my Lofrans manual says our original motor was
1000W. The Amel electrical diagrams show the windlass being on a 100A
breaker (shared with the furler), which my limited understanding says should
easily be enough for the additional wattage.

Has anyone else replaced their windlass motor or had any experience with
this replacement?

Thanks in advance!


SM2k #331

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