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Barbara Nairne

Hi all,

Just to add some info from Maud. Our mechanic is still not happy re our C drive - the top bearing is fairly worn and he says he cannot source a repacement here. The coupling is not in good order.

Anyway this is the info that may be of use to someone else as well.

"Further to your request, the price for a new upper and lower unit for your Super Maramu would be about 7500.00 Euro without taxes and without transport.

According to the technician, you should be able to repair it. It is very easy to take apart the upper transmission. Once the lower unit is taken down, you can get access to the lower part and after removing the plate in front of the transmission you will see the mechanics and the bearings that are probably damaged.

These bearings are standard and could easily be found locally.
Sueno Azl
Super Maramu No.39
1991 Model

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I just heard back from Amel after asking about whether 1999 SM 243 had the new or older C drive as discussed in other places on this forum, and if it could have played a role in the failure of the input shaft that I experienced this Spring. Here is their reply:

"We confirm that originally you boat has been fitted with a cast iron C-drive and a specific shaft to leave enough room to the Autoprop propeller.
The power handling for your C-drive is 100 HP.
On the more recent Super Maramu we have indeed installed a reinforcement of the mechanics which allow a more powerful engine. In your case, don't worry too much about your Yanmar engine as full power is almost never used on a sailing boat.
There are many reasons that could explain the failure of the input shaft on a boat. For instance the shaft can break because of a bad alignment of the mechanics."

They still don't say when the change to the more robust C drive was made, so perhaps it wasn't done all at once. Obviously anyone looking at repowering should ask about their specific boat. I didn't know about the change and it sounds like I was just lucky that they feel my drive should be adequate for my new Yanmar 4JH4HTE 110HP. I've always been careful about pausing between shifting from forward to reverse and back, but will be even more careful about how I drive Kristy in the future.

Hope this helps someone else.
Brunswick, GA, USA

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