Re: [Amel] Marina in Spain near Alicante or Malaga



I am used to Marina Deportiva de Alicante, very safe and confortable, but
not cheap.

A few days ago, Craig Briggs SN#68 SANGARIS send this info :" Try a search
on There are many listings from private slip owners,
often with good prices". You should give it a try.

Also, you may ask Bárbara, Amel representative in Alicante, to give you
suggestions on nearby marinas: "LA REINA AZUL Servicios Náuticos"


Atica, Amel 54

Em sexta-feira, 22 de junho de 2012, lior 555<lior246@...> escreveu:

Hello all

Can someone recommend me a marina near Alicante or Malage?
I have got a very good offer from Salinas Marina in Torrevieja.
I would be very thankfull if someone could give me a short feedback about
this marina.
I am looking for a marina for about 9 - 12 month

Thanks a lot

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