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Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Hi Achim,

thanks for doing the test. Looks like my recollections were wrong about the
160 amps then. My apologies, and good news for Dimitris. Thank you also for
the info on the fuses. I am not sure that I would like to fit one as the
startup load might trip the fuse just when you really need the bowthruster.
As Dimitris said, it's better to save the boat than the bowthruster.

I have had the mainsail furling motor circuit breaker trip a few times on my
second boat. This never happened with the previous boat. Maybe it is a
combination of the new sails and wetness causing more drag than the Gateff
laminated sails? It only seems to happen in rain. Has anyone else had the
breaker trip when trying to furl the main?

Ian Shepherd

SM 414 Crusader

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I just read your message regarding the non availability of a fuse. " the
Link 10 instrument is
reading more than 300 Amperes when I moved the joystick of the

There are fuses for 300 and 355 amps on the market. The price in Germany is
about 34.- € for the holding device and 8.- € for the fuse itself. This is
just from a normal yacht equipment dealer.

Hope that helps and happy easter to you too.

Achim Schroeder
Kirk # 81

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