Re: [Amel] Engine equivalencies - Perkins M80T and Volvo TMD22P?

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It has been noted on this forum many times, that Trans Atlantic Diesel in Virginia can get any part for your Volvo or perkins. Sherry, the number one lady there knows all there is to know about what parts on the 2 engines that can be interchanged. This is important because the Volvo parts are more expensive. There phone number is 804-6429296 John "Moon Dog" SM248
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 07:07:38 -0400
Subject: Re: [Amel] Engine equivalencies - Perkins M80T and Volvo TMD22P?

Hi we have had two Amels one Perkins one Volvo TMD22 both have worked well without issue. Being in the marine business we have not had issues in getting parts.


Richard Piller

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Hello -
In assessing pre-Yanmar Super Maramus, I'm unclear if the earlier Perkins M80T and the later Volvo TMD22P, are the same or different? I've read that the Perkins is an orphan, so should be wary, in particular, for parts availability; and that the Volvo parts can be spendy and hard to come by. Experiences please.
Thank you very much for your answers and advice.
Scott and Diane
Prospective SM owner/sailer

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