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Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Hi Dimitris,

yes you are right. You don't need expensive equipment to read the current
taken by the bow thruster motor. The Link 10 will show the discharge current
for free.

I may have been mistaken about the 160 amps that I thought the motor
normally draws. It's been several years since I measured it. As I have been
deprived of my boat since last October, I cannot do a test at the moment and
see what it should be, but I am sure that there are others out there who
could operated the joystick and see what current the Link 10 is showing? It
would be a good comparison for you. If they are also showing around 300
amps, then you are probably OK. This seems to fit the calculation. I hope to
be back on board Crusader mid May, and I will do a similar test and let you

As I have to sail to Malta to complete VAT paid formalities, I may well be
in your area after a visit to Croatia. Time for an ouzo or two? Do you have
on board email and SSB?

Fair winds


Ian Shepherd (Larnaca Cyprus)

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Thanks to all for the support. I really know now more than before.
It is excellent that we have a forum for our boats. So in reply to
Ian I think that Kimberlitt is right the Link 10 instrument is
reading more than 300 Amperes when I moved the joystick of the

I know that you have to use the thruster only for small bursts but
it is better to save the boat than the thruster. However I also
thought that there is a fuse to stop the thruster as it is one for
the anchor but there is not any and Amel replied to me that there is
not possible to find a fuse that can withstand all these amperes. So
be beware that you can damage the thruster and run into a fire
disaster if you use it for longer period.

Now I will think my next step. I will use the thruster cautiously
over the Easter vacations and then remove it from the boat for a
closer look by an electrician and decide if I need to buy a new

Happy Easter to all

Dimitris Krassopoulos
Alma Libre
Hull 370

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