Main boom dopwnhaul/preventer

John and Anne on Bali Hai <hollamby@...>

Hello again Giovanni,
We have now taken some pics to show the arrangement described in my
message No 1076.
The pics are now posted at the end of the album.Click on Photos and
then click on SM319 This will open the album which has 18 pics
showing some of the stuff described in my message No 897 and Pic Nos
19,20 & 21 show the preventer.
Note that the traveller is still in the centre as we shape the sail
by adjusting the main sheet and the preventer.
When we gybe the boat we first centre the boom and after gybing ease
the boom out using the preventer which, by then, is on the windward
side of the boat.
We then take up the tension on the leeward preventer to shape the
sail and avoid the possibility of an accidental crash gybe.
Perhaps we may meet as we will be in Croatia this summer

Regards, Anne & John Bali Hai, SM319

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