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Tony Robinson <tonywrobinson51@...>

Many thanks - any more details ? My boat is hull no. 102 so I assume they had fixed the initial design fault by then?

Regards, Tony Robinson

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The early 54' s had a " boot" added to strengthen the main mast.


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On Jun 30, 2012, at 9:21, Tony Robinson <> wrote:

I am just about to take delivery of an Amel 54 (2008 model). I have been told that there was a defect in the original mast/rig, and Amel re-called all 54's back for modifications. Can anyone enlighten me what the problem (s) were, and the solution ? I was also told there was a court case over the issue.

Thanks, Tony Robinson.

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Subject: [Amel] Re: Prospective Amel 54 owner slipway for rib

Hi, we have not checked this web page for a long time.
Did you find any solution for get the rib up and down? We have a slip which we put up in the back and the dinghy slides down and up again with the electrical winch on the mizzen mast. We use it today on our 54 and used it for 8 years on our circumnavigation with SM 53. It works fine.
Best regards Bengt

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Hello everyone - I'm a new member to the group. I joined because I am very seriously considering buying a 3/4 year old 54. I would welcome any comments/things to watch out for - indeed anything you feel would be worth knowing. Planned sailing area is the Med.

Also, I have seen an ingenious RIB launching system on a french owned 54. The tender was mounted right way up under the mizzen boom - and launched a bit like a lifeboat off the back of the boat. The owner swore by the system but I have lost contact with him. The advantage, of course, was that you didn't need davits, although you did have to take the O/B on and off each time. If anyone has heard of or seen this I would also be grateful to hear.

Regards, Tony Robinson
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