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John and Anne on Bali Hai <hollamby@...>

I am glad to see that you have resolved your problem. However as a
general comment it is possible to get a motor rewound thus bringing
back to its original performance at a fraction of the cost of a new
motor.There are specialist companies to do this in most large towns
and harbours around the world. Although it is a bit late you might
consider getting the old motor rewound to have as a spare. Many
technicians will not tell you this but are not slow in keeping the
burnt out motor or alternater so they can get it rewound etc to
sell it on.
Having owned an Oyster ketch without a bow thruster I often called
up the marina in advance and asked them to provide a marinero in a
dinghy to act as a bow thruster and get me into the berth safely. On
the rare occasions when I had spare crew I put one member in the
dinghy to see me in. Similarly I have used my dinghy to help others
into their berths. It can be done by pushing the bow but the
professionals seem to prefer lashing their dinghy alongside and
using forward or astern to help you get in safely.

Best wishes, Anne and John, Bali Hai SM319, "dimitriskrassopoulos" <dkra@a...>
Dear All.

As you remember I had over-used the bowthruster and I wish to
you of my experience with that.

After the incident the bowthruster continued to work. I used it
times without problem 3hours after the incident the next day of
incident and 3days after the incident with an electrician while we
were trying to evaluate the extend of the damage. I left from the
marina for the Eastern vacation without any problem using the
thruster cautiously. When we arrived in Poros 30 nm away and with
strong side wind I lowered the thruster and it didn't work at all
without any warning. I was surprised ofcource and we left
immediatelly for the next harbor Porto-Heli 25 nm away where I
able by coincidence to moor the boat without the thruster. I
immediattely ordered the new motor in La Rochelle and they shipped
it same day by UPS to my adress in Athens. When we arrived back it
was practically impossible to moor the boot as the cross wind was
over 18 Knots and I put with great difficulty the boot with the
in its moorafter 3 attempts. The boot is completly unmanouvarble
without the thruster, the combination of the folding propeller
the great distance between the prop wash and the rudder make it
impossible to steer back wards but also straight forward to put
boot in the moor.

I was extremeely happy to install the new motor in place exactly
same day of our arrival in Kalamaki. It took 3hours to remove the
old motor and put the new one in place. It can be done with the
of another sailor. I put immediattely the boat correctly in its

I want to express my regards to the excellent after sales service
La Rochelle and to warn everybody that if the thruster has a
it is better not to approach a harbor that you know that is tight
and cross wind is expected.


Dimitris Krassopoulos
SM Alma Libre

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