Hot Water Heater Electric Element Question

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Hello All:
I have the Amel installed Quick brand B45 (45 liter) hot water
heater on our hull # 335 Amel SM 2000. I have been corresponding
unsuccesfully with Amel for 2 weeks trying to determine the size
(wattage) of the electric heating element. I am not currently on the
boat yet I need to order the proper wattage element. The data sheet
for the water heater, that was included with all the other equipment
manuals, shows it to be a 1200 watt element, but the electric load
table in the Amel owners manual shows 500 watts. M. Selo emailed me
that they are 600 watts, yet the Quick parts manual supplied to me by
Plastimo USA shows there is not a 600 watt element (only 500 watt and
1200 watt). I phoned and faxed all this to Amel but have had no
response yet. If I fit a 1200 watt element and the circuit breaker
is sized only for 500 watts then it will pop the breaker. If I fit a
500 watt element when the 1200 watt is appropriate, the water will be
slow to heat.

Is anybody on their boat currently that has this same water heater
and could verify on the element itself what wattage it is? According
to Quick the data plate on the water heater should read as
follows: "B xx yy z" , where xx equals the size in liters (45 in
this case), yy equals the wattage of the electric element (00= none,
05 = 500 watts, 12 = 1200 watts) , and z equals S indicating that a
heat exchanger is present.

Optionally could anyone at least tell me what amperage the water
heater circuit breaker is?

I believe there is a small data plate on the end of the brown
thermostat housing on the water heater that might reveal the proper

Or could someone use a clamp style amp meter to measure the AC amps
that their water heater draws while using 220 volt AC.

Thanks for any help.

Gary Silver, s/v Liahona Amel SM 2000 #335 The boat is
currently in Providenciales (aka Provo), TCI (Turks and Caicos

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