Quick B45 Water Heater Anodes & Heating Element

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April 25, 2004 21:47 MST

Dear John:
Thank you for your reply and the information. I am guessing that M.
Selo's response, that it was a 600 watt element, was just a
typographical error.

I had the same problem with the anode supplied to me by Amel when I
took delivery. The anode they supplied was too small, had the
incorrect diameter mounting screw and just plain wouldn't work. I
ordered two of the correct anodes from West Marine, who got them
through Plastimo USA, who got them from QUICK. It took 9 weeks as I
recall. The QUICK part number is MMANMG450000. Quick or Plastimo
would not drop ship the item so after a backorder of 5 weeks it had
to be shipped to each individual vendor. Maddening. The price was
about $50.00 US each.

The anodes I received are indeed about 10 inches long, about 1/2
inch in diameter and had what I believe is a M10 bolt protruding
about 1/2 inch from the end. This bolt by the way is about 4 & 1/2
inches long and goes quite a distance into the anode. When I did
open the tank the original anode was completely gone (as in eroded
completely through) at the level of the threaded screw end, (i.e.
about 4 inches up from the end that screws into the tank lid). A
large segment of the anode was still intact but of no use since it
was sitting in the tank not attached to anything. I backed out the
threaded portion with Vice Grips and inserted the new one without
difficulty. Re-installing the tank lid was a real problem. Trying
to align the eight loose bolts in their slots and engage the tank
lid at the same time was atrocious. Bad design in my view. It
might work just fine with the tank in an upright position but in the
angled position in the engine room it was almost impossible. I
plan on using "O" rings and a thin nut to hold the eight bolts in
place in the future. There is a gap between the tank rim and the
tank lid that I believe will accommodate this approach.

I am half hoping that all that is wrong with my electric element is
that I did not push the "reset button" on the thermostat. I don't
recall being made aware of this button during the owner school and
the only piece of literature I had aboard was the data sheet and it
didn't mention it. I only learned about it after I was off the boat
and by downloading the QUICK User's Manual from the following
www.quickitaly.com web site (also includes the parts list).
Nevertheless I plan on getting an element to install if the button
reset doesn't work.

If it wouldn't be too much trouble to re-submit the details of the
procedure you used for replacing the electric element I know I would
find it useful and perhaps so would others on this web site. I take
it that the thermostat is a separate piece that somehow attaches to
the electric element. It isn't clear to me if the element screws out
with the oversized nut (about 3 inches across). Your experience
would be appreciated.

I believe that the engine heat exchanger doesn't work until the
engine thermostat opens up and when in the marina trying to heat
water with the engine took some time since I couldn't put the engine
under load very well.

Lastly, did you have some other difficulties with you unit other
than the anode?

Again thanks for your thoughts.

Sincerely Gary Silver s/v Liahona Hull # 335

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