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I presume you have done plenty of sailing with the family. I have only two kids, now 8 and 5 (a poor effort compared to you!) but have been sailing quite big trips (like several months from Greece to UK) since the smallest was under 2 years old.

You can get around the lack of berth space by using the saloon for sleeping but you will have the inconvenience. Alternatively you could try some modification to make more bunks above the existing ones which would be fun for the kids (maybe like the canvas ones with poles they have on some racing yachts) - but such modifications to a Super Maramu are very much against the grain. If your trip is long and the older kids start to want more privacy how will they cope sharing space? To be honest if I were you I would condider something like a 45 ft+ Privilege cat, some of them have 5 cabins and great for family use.

However, the Amels are very good value for such a quality boat and the uncluttered deck, solid lifelines and safe cockpit are great features for smaller kids as well as retirees... Most importantly you have to be able to sail alone if one parent is looking after children, so the Amel scores there, and I would be wary of other large monohulls unless you intend to cary an extra crew member (then you need to accommodate them). As I am sure you are aware boat choice is always a compromise dictated by your priorities.

I certainly wish you the very best in your plans.

John, Popeye Maramu #91 Port Douglas

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Hello everyone,

I'm not an Amel owner....yet. But I'm looking for your advice. There
are 7 of us in my family (5 kids under 12) and we're looking for an Amel
(ketch) that'll comfortably fit us. I've looked online at various Amel
53 Super Maramu's which look most suitable to me. However, we do need
sleeping space...that's for sure.

Amel's look like a true and strong blue-water cruiser and the 53's are
probably the length we'd need.

Our cruising plans? Well, let's just say we'd like to be able to sail
around the world in a well built boat.

Oh, a new Amel is out of our price range.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas? I sure would like to hear your ideas.



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