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I do not own an Amel but have been on a few.  I think that you might be better suited for a a different boat, perhaps a Mao Ta 46, also known as a pan oceanic 46 (they also made a 43 and a 38)...  The are designed by Ted BREWER.  -  Yes it is a smaller lenght but in perhaps laid out better for a large family. 

The 46 sleeps 8.  Two cabins plus a double berth (that is also a table) in the pilot house.  In my opinion the largest plus would be the flush decks that would provide ample "play space" for your kids while at anchor. 

Most that i have seen have teak decks - yuk!!! i did find this one for sale for  it does not have teak decks.

They do have a skeg hung rudder and the pilot house will give you the offshore protection that you are seeking in the Amel hard dodger plus i would imagine it would be difficult to fit 8 people in an Amel cockpit.  The pilot house will may allow all the kids the feeling of being part of the sail, without having to manage all of them in the cockpit.  - just a thought.

These boats are on my short list if i do not end up with an Amel.  They are the only pilot house boat i have seen that doesn't look like a motor sailer.

Happy Hunting.

eric J.

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Hello everyone,

I'm not an Amel owner....yet. But I'm looking for your advice. There

are 7 of us in my family (5 kids under 12) and we're looking for an Amel

(ketch) that'll comfortably fit us. I've looked online at various Amel

53 Super Maramu's which look most suitable to me. However, we do need

sleeping space...that's for sure.

Amel's look like a true and strong blue-water cruiser and the 53's are

probably the length we'd need.

Our cruising plans? Well, let's just say we'd like to be able to sail

around the world in a well built boat.

Oh, a new Amel is out of our price range.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas? I sure would like to hear your ideas.



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