Re: [Amel] Which boat do you recommend?

Duncan Hagemeyer


I purchased an A54 last year. So I do not have extensive experience with
the boat and how a group of people can function in the space. On two
occasions I did have friends with family onboard. For a week I had a family
of 4 and myself..5 people.

I cannot imagine how 7 people, no matter how small they are could fit on a
boat that is essentially designed for 1 to 4 people. I am 65 and solo sail
about half of the time. So maybe my mindset is at the other end of the

With 7 and the real possibility that from time to time other friends will
wish to come along for trips, I have to advice that the Amel is not the boat
for you. Judging from your comment that a 54 is not in your budget, I have
to advise that you begin to consider a catamaran. The kids will thank you!

On one point you are correct.the Amel will take you around the world


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Hello everyone,

I'm not an Amel owner....yet. But I'm looking for your advice. There
are 7 of us in my family (5 kids under 12) and we're looking for an Amel
(ketch) that'll comfortably fit us. I've looked online at various Amel
53 Super Maramu's which look most suitable to me. However, we do need
sleeping space...that's for sure.

Amel's look like a true and strong blue-water cruiser and the 53's are
probably the length we'd need.

Our cruising plans? Well, let's just say we'd like to be able to sail
around the world in a well built boat.

Oh, a new Amel is out of our price range.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas? I sure would like to hear your ideas.



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