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Sorry for the great delay in posting the photgraphs. A lot to do with being away from the boat for some time.

The photgrpahs of the acumulator tank and how to find the inflator valve ae now in the gallery under 'Water pump accumlator'.

It is bothobvious and easy when you know what you are looking for, not so if you do not and for the first time.

Martin Bevan
Caduceus, A54 #56
Norfolk, Virginia, USA

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Hello Martin,
Are you sure that there is not a second pressure tank. On my SM2K it is hidden behind the aft end of the generator.
Good hunting, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM3109

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Please add the photos Amel sent you to Photos > Photo Albums > Fresh Water System. If you are not familiar how to add them, email them to crew "at" svbebe.com and I will add them for you.

BTW, I am surprised there is not an accumulator near the hot water heater. I assume that Amel must have installed something else to compensate for the increase in water volume due to heating the water.


BeBe, SM2k, #387

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> Thank you for all of the very helpful replies to my problem. The problem was correctly identified and once I realised that the boss on the non visble end of the accumulator was in fact a cap over the schrader valve and not part of the pressing correcting the problem was a matter of a few minutes. The bicycle track pump that we carry for our folding cycles has now found another vital role.
> For information, the 54 has a single accumulator tank mounted under the water pump. The shrader valve is on the forward end of the tank under a stainless steel screw off cover. The pressure marked on the tank for maximum re-inflation is 1.5 bar, about 22psi.
> For the record the Thiery in the after sales department at Amel responded immediately to my request for how to find the valve with three very clear photographs.
> Martin Bevan
> Caduceus
> Amel 54 #56
> Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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