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Mark Pitt

I second Bill's statements. I am 5 1/2 years into a circumnavigation. My Super Maramu is an excellent all around performer and my wife and I feel safe in her whatever the weather. But lots of owners of other boats love the way their boats sail. But compared to the experience of other boat owners who are circumnavigators, no other boat come close to Amel in terms of reliability. It took me a while to figure out why I have to repair my boat so much less than everyone else. It is just better built. There are scores of little things that Amel did to make these boats reliable and easy to repair. When all of our friends on the Sail Indonesia Rally were scrambling to repair things when they get into port, my wife and I were out touring.

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Judy and I own a 2003 Super Maramu. It is really very hard to beat this boat. If I were buying today it would be a late model Super Maramu or an Amel 55. The 54 is OK, but the Super Maramu and the 55 are better. But, of course, I am prejudiced...I truly love BeBe, Super Maramu #387. She has carried us round the world safely including one trip through a small Cyclone near India. While our friends work on their boats, I drink beer...and I really like to drink beer. Oh, I do have to make repairs on BeBe...but no other boat that I have encountered during our circumnavigation is as reliable and as easy to service and maintain.

If I were you I would contact Joel Potter at jfpottercys"at"


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Hi Earl,

why don't you try a Meltem?
See here:

or here :

or here:

Good winds


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Hello everyone,

I'm not an Amel owner....yet. But I'm looking for your advice. There
are 7 of us in my family (5 kids under 12) and we're looking for an Amel
(ketch) that'll comfortably fit us. I've looked online at various Amel
53 Super Maramu's which look most suitable to me. However, we do need
sleeping space...that's for sure.

Amel's look like a true and strong blue-water cruiser and the 53's are
probably the length we'd need.

Our cruising plans? Well, let's just say we'd like to be able to sail
around the world in a well built boat.

Oh, a new Amel is out of our price range.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas? I sure would like to hear your ideas.



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