Air con fire/smoke

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We have a SM2K, hull#356 lying in Croatia. An excellent yacht. Very recently we had a problem with the aircon and a fortunate resolution that I thought I should bring to the attention of other Amel owners.

In the warmest of Croatian weather we sometimes leave the saloon aircon unit running overnight when in our marina base. There are usually only 2 of us aboard so we leave all internal doors open. It was our last night before an early taxi ride to the airport at the end of our stay. As usual, we awoke early but noticed an unusually strong smell. We made our way to the saloon and found that it and the forepeak were smoke-filled. Electricity was switched off immediately and all hatches opened. The aircon control unit (saloon) had overheated in a big way and was smoldering. I disconnected and took it outside.
I have to admit that SM356 (Ailsa) is the first yacht that I've ever owned (I've had a few) and not fitted a smoke detector. This is now rectified.
The good news is that nobody was hurt (perhaps some purple lips from Charlotte and me - I guess CO released)and that the aircon control unit is still available via Amel.
My message to Amel owners - please fit a smoke detector and when you're at it, if you don't already have a gas detector then fit one of them also.
Could have been worse.
Mac, Ailsa, SM2K, Hull#356

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