Re: s/v Have Fun! Maramu 258


I had my SM wired for both at the factory. I
assume you will want to be able to connect to 120v shore
power. The simplest way is the way Amel did it. Get a
120 to 220 transformer. Run a new 120v cable for
shore connection. Connect the transformer's output to
your 220v system. If you intend to use the boat in the
Caribbean or Europe you will want to retain the 220v
system. I'm assuming your charger is also 220v input. You
should have a simple plug in arrangement to change when
you switch from one to the other. If you like, I'll
be aboard over the Xmas holiday and can get at my
records and send you a wiring diagram. Incidentally,
because you have a transformer you'll be protected from
shore current driven electrolisis. Arnold/Pagan

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