Prop Shaft Bushing

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May 1, 2004

Hi Willem:

As regards the orientation of the three seals on the Amel prop shaft
bushing and seals, I am now uncertain how I oriented them. I do
remember that the drawing that Amel included with the manuals and
other documentation showed them oriented differently than how I found
them when I removed them on my boat. I believe that we decided it
was more important to keep the sea water out than to keep the oil in
so I think that we placed the inner two facing out and the outer one
facing in, (but again I can't remember for sure). I know we had a
discussion with the technician helping me, but he was not an Amel
person. It might be worth an Email to Amel to get their official
take on this (including the reasoning for their stance).

I will tell you that wherever the oil got on the bottom paint it
later peeled off in large sheets. I used aluminum foil to create a
scupper to drain the oil. Nevertheless some of the oil got around
the scupper and ran down onto the structures below. I will be much
more careful in the future to tape a larger aluminum foil scupper in
place below the drain plug to prevent any residual oil from getting
on the bottom paint.

Hope this helps,

Gary Silver


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